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PE PKF "Techno-T"

The company "Techno-T" produces reliable and high-quality industrial equipment for processing, production and drying of various types of raw materials.


PE VKF "Techno-T" - CE certificate

Techno-T company reached a new level of international relations. In connection with the growing demand for our products in the countries of the European Union, we could not do without the main document – the CE certificate.

Actually, this certificate is a product passport and at the same time a guarantor of product safety for human health and the environment. At the same time, he provides the exporter and distributor with all customs and legal aspects when importing goods to any country that is part of the European Union.

After receiving a CE certificate for their products, they significantly increased their company’s export volumes. The CE certificate is a document issued for a product that meets the quality, requirements and standards of the European Union. By receiving such a certificate, the manufacturer or distributor erases customs barriers and gives complete freedom to export your products abroad. Most often, you can see the special “CE” marking on the products of leading European manufacturers, which is also evidence that the product meets European standards. The mandatory CE marking certificate applies to the following groups of goods: toys and electrical equipment, medical, telecommunications, gas and machine equipment, precious metals and explosives, personal protective equipment, packaging and containers under pressure. And this is an incomplete list of goods that must meet European standards.

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Many of our products are complex equipment. Therefore, the prices for such products depend on the individual configuration, which our specialists will help to choose, and are agreed with the client in the process of correspondence (negotiations) according to the scheme: request (list of questions of interest - answer (commercial offer regarding individual configuration)

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+380675096292 or valery.tarasenko65@gmail.com manager consultation: availability, terms, price, delivery, etc.