Winery mixer

Wine mixer MVSh-65, VMSh-125

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The wine mixer is designed for mixing must and wine material with pulp in open containers (vats) with a capacity of 5 – 25 m3. The stirrer can also be used for mixing plant raw materials in liquids in order to obtain extracts used in the preparation of flavored wines and for mixing in the production of beverages and blended wine materials with the addition of vacuum wort or syrups.

For wineries producing red wines, VKF “Techno-T” has developed and successfully tested the VMSH-125 mixer. In the new mixer, in comparison with the previously used one, the diameter is increased to 250 mm and four nozzles are replaced by open windows, which allowed not only to increase the supply to 125 m3, but also to use it for mixing pulp with combs. Reduction of the rotation frequency of the screw to 720 rpm. contributes to the improvement of the quality of the wine material by reducing the formation of suspensions. This hydrodynamic mode of mixing also promotes the transfer of phenolic substances from the solid parts of the pulp into the wine, which ultimately gives the wines their unique individual taste tones.

The stirrer is mounted on a hinged suspension.

Changes in the design of the stirrer made it possible to reduce the time from breaking down the “cap” to mixing the complete wine material with the pulp in tanks with a capacity of up to 25 m from 6-8 hours to 40 minutes. At the same time, the quality of the wine does not deteriorate.

At the request of the customer, instead of screw devices, the stirrer is equipped with bladed stirring devices intended for the preparation of syrups, drinks, blended wines using vacuum wort.


MVSH-65 VMSH-125
Feed (on water), m3/h, no less 65 125
Installed power e/dv., kW 1.5 3
Frequency of rotation of the working body, min.1, slightly more 1420 710
Diameter of the working body, mm, not less 170 250
Maximum immersion depth of circulation pipes (under an umbrella), mm 1300
Overall dimensions, mm

width (diameter) height





Weight, kg 60 130