Production and commercial company "Techno-T" was founded on July 28, 2000. The main areas of activity of the company are the production of:

- lines for drying peat, sapropel and their mixes;
- eggshell processing lines
- equipment for the bakery industry;
- technological equipment for distilleries, intended for obtaining alcohol and high-octane oxygen-containing additives (VKD);
- drying units for drying post-alcohol bard and beer grain;
- installations for the processing of oil industry waste;
- fishmeal equipment;
- equipment for processing meat and bone, meat and chicken waste of animal origin (we will provide assistance in choosing the necessary set of equipment, for a certain composition of raw materials of animal origin and its quantity intended for processing into meat and bone meal);
- atomizers of milk, yeast, blood, amino acids, dyes, post-alcohol bard and other loose products;
- winemaking equipment;
- production of parts according to the Customer's drawing documentation, of any accuracy and complexity
- Production of 3D models
- Production of press forms (any type of complexity)
- printing on a 3D printer
- Production of any equipment, of any complexity according to drawings or 3D models

PE VKF "Techno-T" will perform chief assembly, commissioning and adjustment works and will carry out the transition to the technological mode of operation of the manufactured equipment.

In close cooperation with the "Magarach" Institute of Grapes and Wine, VNPB-10/32, VNPB-32/32, USB-05, VDI-10, mixer VMSh-125, high-pressure centrifugal pump VNC-1 were developed and manufactured. During the period of work at the enterprises of Ukraine and near abroad, the installations have proven themselves from the best side. Thanks to the use of new technologies, which have no analogues, the equipment manufactured by the firm "Techno-T" is competitive and reliable. According to the results of work for 2004, the company was included among the 100 best enterprises of Ukraine. The company's equipment was awarded diplomas of exhibitions for quality and application of new technologies.

The company, having CNC equipment of models 1B340 F30, 16K20, etc., offers cooperation in mechanical processing (turning, milling, grinding, boring, gear cutting) of parts of any complexity in small and large batches of any accuracy.