Any, even the smallest, bakery needs specialized equipment for baking bread. What can be said when it comes to large enterprises!

All main stages of production require automation:
– Kneading the dough;
– distribution and formation;
– proofing and baking.
And also many related processes, such as, for example, spraying bread, waste processing, and others.

How to choose equipment for a bakery?
If you decide to buy bakery equipment, pay attention to the power, features of operation and maintenance.
Our machines are reliable and easy to use. They have high productivity. If necessary, we can provide spare parts or replacement parts for repairs.
In addition, when designing individual complexes, we will take your wishes into account.

Order equipment for the bakery at the “Techno-T” VKF PE!
All our machines and devices are made of high-quality materials and have a certificate of compliance with European standards.
We will perform installation and commissioning work, as well as help bring the manufactured equipment to its technological mode of operation.
Buying bakery equipment is very easy! Contact the sales department at +38 (04631) 75277 and +38 (04631) 31686. Our managers will answer all your questions!

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