In the section “Equipment for the production of feed additives and fertilizers” you can find out information about plants for the production of fish meal, lines for the processing of meat and bone waste, egg shells, apparatus for preparing fodder, drying plants and other cars. The entire range of this equipment is intended for processing, production and drying of various types of raw materials.

You can order and buy equipment for the production of feed additives from the Techno-T company!
Our devices are made of reliable materials and have a certificate of compliance with European standards.
We are ready to perform installation and commissioning work, help bring the equipment to its operating mode in accordance with the technology, and train personnel.
Buying equipment for the production of fertilizers and fodder is very easy! Contact the sales department by phone +38 (04631) 75277 and +38 (04631) 31686. Our managers will answer questions about the availability of equipment, price, terms and conditions of delivery!

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