Winemaking is a very time-consuming process! Modern equipment for the production of wine and juices makes production much easier and faster. What used to be done manually is now done by special devices with minimal operator control. This allows processing large volumes of raw materials in a short period of time. And at the same time get a quality drink.

The main types of equipment for industrial winemaking
PE VKF “Techno-T” manufactures winemaking equipment for various stages of production. You can choose and order a set of devices or devices to perform individual functions. We present:
• pumping installations;
• disintegrators and dispensers;
• drains;
• press and crushers;
• heaters and mixers;
• installations for processing wine materials.

On the site you will find photos and basic characteristics of the machines. All that remains is to choose which equipment you need!

How to buy equipment for winemaking and juice production?
Have you chosen the appropriate equipment? Contact us! Managers will answer all questions regarding equipment characteristics, features of use and maintenance, terms of order and delivery. Our equipment can also be purchased on lease.
Choose quality equipment to get the best result!

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