The production and commercial company “Techno-T” produces high-performance drying units for raw materials and materials of different quality and origin. The unique design of the equipment allows you to dry porridge-like, paste-like and loose materials that are difficult to dehydrate in other conditions. The final humidity is absorbed at 10%.
The equipment is used independently or as part of production lines (for example, from the processing of post-alcohol grain bard into fodder flour).

How to order and where to buy equipment?

You can choose and buy drying units of different performance and sizes, depending on the needs of your production, at the Techno-T company. Leasing is possible.
Our specialists will help you understand all the features of the equipment and the possibilities of its use. We also perform installation and commissioning work, we can train your employees to work with devices. If necessary, we will provide spare parts for repairs.
You can select existing installations in the catalog. Have a question? Call our managers at +38 (04631) 75277 and +38 (04631) 31686.

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